A Healthy SCALP = Healthier HAIR!


Scalp health searches have been climbing online with many consumers seeking out information on treatments.



Scalp health is essential for bountiful hair, but oftentimes, it is unintentionally neglected.



We want to share these expert tips with you that you can use to ensure you properly care for your scalp.


Some signs that your scalp health is not at its best include :

  • itchy, tender or tight scalp;

  • excessive flaking or dandruff;

  • scalp irritation; dryness or, adversely, oiliness; and/or bumps.



There are various reasons why your scalp might not be in optimal health.


A few of these include:

  • excessive product use,

  • lack of exfoliation or hydration,

  • inadequate nutrition or hygiene, stress,

  • hormonal imbalances and certain medications as well as medical conditions (including psoriasis or dermatitis).

  • hard water or mineral buildup can also contribute to scalp buildup and inflammation.



Healthy hair starts with a happy scalp.


The best ways to care for your scalp are to use a mild shampoo and conditioner as well as to regularly massage and exfoliate the scalp. If your scalp feels tight or dry, we suggest you incorporate a moisturizing oil or serum to help nourish it. Lastly, remember, protecting your scalp from the sun is always a good idea, especially along their part or hairline.

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Here are Some quick tips you can use to ensure your scalp health is optimal:



1. Keep the scalp clean:

While that may sound obvious, it is essential to make sure you are adequately removing product and mineral buildup, dirt, oils and excess sebum that may be clogging the hair follicle.


Wash your hair regularly with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. We recommend the shampoos and conditioners from Miracles and More, which are all natural and organic. We carry them at Salon On First. You can also get them here : https:/www.miraclesandmorecosmetics.com




2. Massage the scalp:


You can routinely massage your scalp in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow and increase circulation. You can even use a scalp brush, which is much more effective than fingertips alone; not only does it feel amazing, but it works to exfoliate and stimulate the scalp.




3. Eat a healthy diet:


A balanced diet rich in protein, iron and vitamins can help maintain a healthy scalp. Clients can check with their doctor or nutritionist to see if they need to adjust their diet. We recommend the daily liquid multivitamin Passion 4 Life, which provides a TON of health in one liquid ounce, Its easy to take and tastes delicious. You can get it here: https://passion4lifevitamins.com/




4. Avoid tight hairstyles:


Tight hairstyles that pull on the scalp and hair shaft can cause damage and breakage over time.




5. Reduce stress:


Easier said than done, but studies show that reducing stress can significantly help prevent hair loss. Try to manage stress with meditation, yoga, exercise, being in nature, self-care rituals or other activities.

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6. Avoid sleeping with wet hair:


This is a big one! Damp or moist environments can cause bacterial and fungal infections. Not only is wet hair more fragile and prone to breakage–it can also contribute to poor scalp health. If you prefer to wash your hair before bed, we suggest you at least blow-dry the root area to protect your scalp.




Hope this helps!


Have a great week and see you soon at Salon On First!